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Decorative Effects


Matt wall paint from BIO natural ingredients of plant origin.
What does it mean that paint Baby Paint is BIO?

This means that Baby Paint Bio is mainly based on high quality resin produced from natural ingredients of plant origin such as: seeds, corn debris and other waste agricultural.

We acquire all these ingredients according to the idea of „zero waste” using underlapped plant residues, which contributes to the protection and care for our natural environment.


Decorative wall painting is one of the current trends in interior design. Interior decorative paints give amazing results, so it’s no wonder that they are becoming more and more popular. Many people are eager to reach for this solution. Why?
It’s a simple and quick way to change the appearance of a room and give it an effective and unique character that traditional paint will not provide.

Decorative wall effects can mimic brick or facade concrete, natural stone, riveted metal panels, and even sand texture and glitter particles. In addition , decorative paints are easy to use and everyone can cope with their application on the walls. Discover the decorative effects from Europe.

That will help transform any interior and give it a completely new, unique look. We present 5 creative ways: in the industrial climate of the loft, illuminating glamor effect, in the footsteps of nature, sand variations, perfect walls.

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